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Your Position: TRS InfoRadar

TRS Inforadar focuses on customizing the information sources of intending to be acquisition storing the information locally to guarantee the information is real time and comprehensive. The basic goals of Inforadar is addressing the needs of tracking and monitoring Internet information to lead to building the information repository and providing value added information services.

The area in that applied the products including: Internet news broadcasting, news monitoring and analysis, competitive information collection and tracing information inspecting and filtering, special classification for industries, value added information services.


Figure Architecture of TRS InfoRadar

TRS Inforadar consists of three modules: TRS real time collection module? (Inforadar monitoring tool), TRS information storing module (TRS Database Server) and Web Publishing module.
TRS real time collation module can monitor and collect the updated web page to local server in real time. This module analyses and filters the contents in the process of collecting and stores the web pages in TRS Database Server or SQL /Oracle server. The Web Publishing module has the function of information publishing, navigating and searching.



Overview of functions
Strong information real time monitoring and collection function
Self-defined information sources and monitoring cycle.
System Administrator can configure the websites and channels which need to be collected and monitoring cycle including timing, operation mode ,etc

Advanced and efficient collection technology and policy
TRS Inforadar employs multi-thread collecting techniques and intelligent updating policy to collect the latest updated web pages olnly.

Collecting static web pages of multi-language with strong applicability
TRS Inforadar can collect not only usual static pages but also various special web pages. It can convert BIG5 and Unicode pages to GBK ones to implement collecting, storing and managing multi-language web pages.

Collecting the metadata of web pages and multi-media contents
TRS Inforadar can recognize the metadata in details including title, size, date, page name, etc. The images and tables are collected at the same time.

Advanced intelligent content processing technology of automatic filtering, classification and content duplication checking
Garbage information filtering
The system can analyze the contents and eliminate the useless information such as advertisements, copyright and columns to let users get very accurate information.

Contents based automatic taxonomy
TRS Inforadar can classify the information automatically without any human interference by using TRS content based automatic taxonomy technology to meet the requirements of production systems. The system also provides the personal training tools to let users configure the structure of taxonomy according to personalized requirements to improve the accuracy of classification.

Content based automatic duplication checking
The system judges the similarity of two articles based on the threshold of their characteristic vectors with high precision. So, the system will not misjudge the similarity when the contents are altered a little even the title are altered.

Agile and easy to publishing and searching the information
Publishing the collecting information in time
TRS Inforadar can publish the collecting information in real time using the Web Publishing module and present the contents in the fashion of web page so that the user can easily view the content in web browser.
The system provides classified navigating and searching functions. The users can view the filtered contents storing in local repository, also can view the original pages by clicking the link of original pages.

Automatically or manually publishing on demand
The system supports two ways to publish the information: automatically and manually. Users can select the pages to publish in manual mode.

Publish dissertation contents
The system supports customized dissertation by defining the key-words rules to let users tracking the specific topics.

Embedding leading edge TRS full text search engine
The system features multiple search entries, for example full-text search, date search, title search, keywords search, size of file search, second search, URL search, to facilitate users find interested contents in many ways. The result of searching can be output in the order of relevancy, date, size of pages, etc.
Taking advantage of best Chinese searching core technology, the speed of searching can be up to 5 billion characters.


Advantages and features
Strong customization capabilities to meet the requirements of personalization
Users can self-define the information sources and collect the latest information and store it locally once the monitored web page altered.

Get the Internet information in real time
What the users need to do is configure the information source they want to collect. Then the collected information will be push to the end users in real time.

Increasing the value of information in whole information life cycle
The value of collected information will be increased because they are stored in local repository to be referenced for a long time period. The information will not be lost when the original pages are altered or deleted so that the users can accumulate the information to form a rich information repository.

Openness and integrated with third party systems seamless
The collected information can be stored in TRS Database Server, SQL Server or Oracle Database based on the needs of the users and also used by other information systems to integrate the third party systems.

Run in a high security level network environment
TRS Inforadar can run in any network environment compliance web standard protocol and does not have to have access to Internet so it is vey adaptive the Intranet of enterprise and government with high security level.?

Integrated with TRS other content management products seamlessly
TRS Inforadar can be integrated with other TRS products such as TRS Database Server, TRS WCM, TRS CDS to exchange the data among them seamlessly. TRS Inforadar can also employ TRS IDS to implement the function of single sign on to come into being a robust content management life cycle infrastructure.


TRS Inforadar Operating Environment

TRS Real Time Collecting Module

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000

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